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2018 Third Annual Lucky Dog Gala

A Wonderful Evening Full of Fun, Generosity and Special Dogs!

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue’s third annual Lucky Dog Gala was held on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at a private club in Carmel. One hundred and ninety dedicated supporters and three adorable canine ambassadors, Sophia, Conga, and Koko, attended the event. Sophia, a delightful, 9-year-old small mixed breed dog, found her forever home with one of our guests!

The evening began with a wine reception in the courtyard. It was a bit chilly and drizzly, but our guests braved the elements to bid on marvelous silent auction items, enjoyed passed appetizers.

During dinner, Executive Director and Co-founder Carie Broecker spoke about our mission, our capital campaign and future for POMDR, and accomplishments: close to 1,500 dogs rescued since 2009, and 700 Helping Paw clients served! The highlight of the evening was our moving Stories video, produced by Board President and Co-founder Monica Rua. The video showcases some of the many dog and human lives touched by Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.

Our auctioneer, Lisa Taylor, auctioned off seven fabulous Live Auction items, then encouraged guests to raise their bid paddles to “Fund a Dog’s Life.” The first of our guests to raise his paddle and donate $25,000 was the legendary Clint Eastwood.

The event raised $251,319 to support our lifesaving work!

What people are saying about the Third Annual Lucky Dog Gala!
Great venue, great food, great service, great music, great auctioneer, great opening remarks. Great teamwork and all-around great event!! POMDR is the best of the best in my book!
~Lucinda McDermott
I want to congratulate you on a fabulous evening. You did it all — raised money, delicious dinner, heartwarming speeches , great auctioneer and even got a doggy adopted! I admire POMDR so much in the difference you have made in so many lives.
~Debra Couch
You totally hit it out of the ballpark on every level! Fabulous venue, great remarks and energy, super organized; Team POMDR was totally on it! Fabulous video! You guys are amazing!
~Tracey Pepper
Lisa Taylor, CEO and Benefit Auctioneer Specialist at San Francisco Auctions, provides fundraising consultations, strategy, and professional auctioneer services to non-profits and schools throughout the Monterey & San Francisco Bay area. Lisa is one of fewer than 185 professional fundraising auctioneers in the country. We are lucky to have her support.